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31 December 2015

An Open Letter to Patients, Colleagues, & Friends...

It has been an honor to provide outpatient health care services to my many, many patients since opening my private practice several years ago. However, after 50 years in the health care of others, it is time to retire. I am anxious to get to know my husband again, get back to sewing, swimming, piano playing, and enjoying our grandchildren.  We closed the practice on 31 December 2015.

That said, it is important that you make arrangements as soon as possible for a new care provider.
  • Contact your health insurance plan to obtain a list of eligible providers in your area, or contact the local medical society (303-377-1850).
  • For those enrolled in the Colorado Collaborative Health Alliance (CCHA) program, contact the Call Center for assistance (303-256-1717).

Your medical records remain confidential. Therefore,
  • Once you have selected a new provider, please forward an Authorization for Release of Medical Records to the address below.
  • Records will be forwarded free-of-charge to your new provider.
  • There will be a charge if you request your records for personal use.
  • For more information about nurse practitioners click on the FAQ link to the left of this page.

My contact information for mailings is as noted above.  Please note it is a private mail box, not an medical office.

                                                           Best wishes to all...

    Dr. Kathy Gutierrez, ANP

A Nurse Practitioner Owned and Operated Primary Care Practice -

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